Whew.....Once upon last year........I started a blog.

I posted alot in a couple of months......and then stopped.

Remembering my password or the email I subscribed to was no easy task either. I figured it out, eventually.

I'm back on here, after much trial and tribulation.

I have tons to tell.

The little studio boutique I talked about last year is almost a reality. I am just waiting for the call from the bank to have my loan approved. Which in this most trying time is taking longer than usual. I have the space, the distributors for amazing retro-modern clothing, the amazing indie artists' list, the contractor, the decorations, everything. All just waiting for the bank.

It's been a long road, and now I am mildly losing my head over the waiting. I can't do much else. This is something I have been working towards all my life. I have set aside my fears and want to take this plunge so bad! It's not just about being my own boss, setting my own hours, which I already do with my jewelry line. It's being part of something bigger, moving people with this energy and inspiration that I always carry inside. This store will be an amazing outlet for all that, a creative vibe where you can reinvent yourself and your style, make it whatever makes you happy as a human. Our appearance is our calling card. I want to help people make that calling card as amazing as possible.

I have decided to have this blog feature everything that inspires me, everything that makes me move. Maybe through writing regularly the time will go by faster than the waiting has. I'll also post about my jewelry line, and all the other indie artists out there that make me smile.

Welcome back, Me!!!

You may also notice that I changed the blog name to Ouna's Closet. I originally put my own name on the blog because, of, well, lack of originality. Ouna's Closet is the name I've been guarding like a baby for years for my new shop. I think it's time to unveil the baby and set it free among the others. Play nice.
Ouna is pronounced "una" and means one. Inherently tied to the store concept, where everything, and I mean, every single thing you see and find in it is one of a kind. Never reproduced, never to be found anywhere else. It's a guarantee that will be like the store's calling card. So, hence the name. Plus I like the fact that we all are one of a kind, so why have to settle for wearing what everybody else is?

I hope you like what you read from now on, and if you do, link me and let me know!

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