I came across this new magazine that premiered last month called Boho while searching for my Lula fix (more on that later.) It's a lovely new magazine, printed completely on recycled/recyclable paper with organic inks. The magazine is totally dedicated to being eco-conscious and eco-friendly, with lovely articles and photography. It doesn't have many ads yet, being that it's a new mag, but surely this will change if it takes off (which kinda bothers me, I even sometimes fold entire sections of magazines to go past the ads just to get to the articles).

The thing that makes me kinda love it is the fact that they are heavily vintage-influenced and always slip vintage into their style shoots, and praise buying vintage as stylish and eco-conscious as well. Which is something that most other magazines sometimes dabble in, but this mag really has that "vintage + new = Style" equation down pat. I hope it sticks around, and I would surely subscribe if only it weren't for the steep $30/yr. (*gulp*) which right now I can't afford.
Here are more pictures:
Check them out at http://www.bohomag.com

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