Fall/Winter Lust List '08

Ah, the days here have gotten chillier, nicer, more pleasant to actually be out and about.

I've been seeing my favorite online vintage stores cart out the loveliest things to help the coming months go by. Because with such beautiful clothes on, even the most blustery of blizzards is manageable.

Here's my faves for this season:

A pink frilly skirt to layer with all my winter long sleeve tops.

A dark-undertone flowery dress. Love those sleeves.

Poor-boy trousers and a faux-fur short coat. And those boots ( I think they're from Payless).

The pre-requisite LBD. With ruffles to boot.

A totally collegiate sweater, because I have still to get past the fact that I did not get one from a boyfriend in high school (alas, one of the little things an all-girls school makes you miss out on).

These are all from ebay vintage stores run by some of the coolest girls I have ever seen. Even the photos inspire me when making outfits.

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