Follicular Adventures.

Never one to take risks when I was young, I was quite traumatized by the state of my hair growing up. It was always kept at the same length, and being it such that it curled naturally, it was quite awful. Dubbed "le pouf" sometime in my middle school years, I actually believed it to be the root (excuse the pun) of all my insecurities. That, and wearing glasses, which to this day I abhore. My sister was not like me in that respect, giving herself a haircut at the age of 5 in which she took a pair of kitchen shears and proceeded to cut off about 10 inches. She then blamed me, being scared of the strap, and I like a trooper took the fall for her and was banned from watching tv for a whole month. Which to a child of 9 is quite traumatic.

I also believe that I was never quite adventurous with my hair after being quite negatively impressed upon at a young age by the 1944 version of Jane Eyre, in which a very young, very uncredited Elizabeth Taylor is given quite the hack job on her curls by a very puritan Mr. Brocklehurst. I found said clip while looking for photos, for the exact moment you can skip to 14:35.

Up until about two years ago I never entertained the notion of cutting my own hair. But throw a couple of tight money matters into any girl's hands and you can bet I quickly went the DIY route. I saved, on average, about $408 in trims alone, and keeping it super short also helped, because as long as you didn't leave holes in it, it always looked "avant garde".

But since about sept. of last year, I've been letting it slowly grow out. I have not seen the full state of "le pouf" in about three years. Since the original cut is so choppy, it makes for nice layers. I'm getting to know it again, like a frenemy that you want to really really like.

One thing I haven't changed is the ocassional self-bang trim, because no matter how I always explain it, nobody ever knows exactly how to get them perfectly pixie-ish right. I'm sweating it out for now. If I wake up one of these days with an insanity attack, I am not responsible for future DIYs.

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