I smell DIY.

I saw the new topshop ss'09 looks FashionToast published today, and all I could literally smell was DIYDIYDIYDIY. I think I'm going to have to get some tees, scissors and a razor.
I think the net-ty type overthing will be a snap to make. I'll probably make it in black. The stud jeans are a cinch, some bleach and studs and you're good to go. The top will be somewhat of a challenge, to find a top that looks somewhat like it. I'll have to go to my favorite haunts in RP and search the winter hoochie clothing sale racks. I love how they've combined that with another top and the jeans.

Plus I have to add how colorfully flowery everyone's going this spring. It's about time florals were splattered all over my body again.

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