Attack of the 50ft. Woman!!!

The advent of a loooong season of "it shoes" as proclaimed by Suzy Menkes in this article brings great joy and sadness to me. While I love all the new extreme designs and funky shoes that have been coming out since fall of last year, I must admit that the bag's status change of "it" to "backseat partner" has me a little bummed. I love big accessories, big bags, big jewelry and big shoes. And while fashion dictates that if you have one "big" item, the rest should be small, why can't we have it all and be able to choose what we want? I can also imagine that it saves on creativity to focus on one item in particular and biggerize it to death, but doesn't that make said item die after a few seasons and then retreat into a quiet corner to lick it's wounds while another "it" takes the spotlight? Ah, I don't really care much for following trends anyway. Like they say, go big or go home, and I won't be putting away my giant totes anytime soon.

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