Comp cards.

I came across the Peter Marlowe Press, who in 1965 invented the composite card for models to give to potential clients. The company was at the forefront of comp card issuing until 1990, when the advent of the internet turned comp cards into "dead technology".

Fortunately they have their photograph archives online and all the models they made comp cards for are there too. They only have alphabetical organization, which is kind of a bummer because you don't know what decade the model is from until you click on their name. I found some really interesting photos, most look dated and are very posed, but here are some of the prettier ones:
This girl's name is just stated as "Aly 1" and she was one of Elite model's "new faces" in 1979. She also appeared in Seventeen Magazine.

Angie 3 was represented by Glamour Paris until 1980 and then by First Agency.


Yvonne Sporre. Her first card was in 1981, and I like how by 1983 her comp card had all the covers she had done.


Marie Virginie, 1976.

Mellissa Manco
Mellisa Manco, 1987.

Kathinka, 1979.

There are thousands of these in the archive. There are guys and celebrities, and some supermodels who also had cards made. I think I'll keep looking around and post some more later.

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