Confessions of a Shopaholic.

I am a self-confessed shopaholic. I was talking to a friend of mine today about shopping habits, and I came to the conclusion that I actually enjoy to shop. Looking through racks, giving free reign to my imagination, thinking about colors, trends, what looks good with what, the whole experience. I actually get happy when I score something awesome, or when I find something that'll be awesome for the store. And my favorite magazine in the whole wide world is Lucky, which says alot. I remember the first time I saw the magazine, it had just started and proclaimed on a top black header in big, bold, white lettering "The New Magazine about Shopping". I died that day. And bought it afterwards, of course. Some people collect stamps, I collect Lucky issues. I love leafing through past issues and finding a whole new side of inspiration that was hiding.

I like the styling of this movie. Pat Field, of course, slammed it. It's so colorful.
Cof a Shop
2009 confessions of a shopaholic 002
I haven't read any of the books in this series, but I can't wait to see the movie. The trailers promise a whirlwind of colors and clothes, which is probably not all it's about, but it'll be fun to watch anyway. And Le Boyf actually wants to go with me to see it, so that's awesome as well (date night!)

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The Stiletto Effect said...

I so want to see this movie!

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