Finally. I can reach temporary bliss.

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I have been dying to have a Forever21 in Puerto Rico about 10 years now. Story is that they had been trying for years to come here and set up camp, but the owner of Kress Stores in PR had registered the name "Forever 21" and had threatened to sue anybody who tried to open stores here with that name without paying him a hefty sum first. Well, seems the fashion gods have heard my cry. One of my friends told me yesterday that not only are they opening a store here, but that the store will be in the former space of Galaxy Lanes on the third floor of Plaza Las Americas. The former GL space is a two floor space that used to house the old movie theaters before, and later had the bowling alleys, bars, and two restaurants all in that space. I don't know about the biggest in the world, but it's going to be enormous. Finally I'm going to be able to buy all the regular staples I love about Forever 21, plus the kick-ass low-price jewelry I can't get enough of when I go to the states. And the shoes. My only worry, as with most huge chain stores that open here, is that they'll use it as the outlet to get rid of excess inventory from the other stores and not bring as much regular season merchandise.

You can bet I'll be there on opening day, and I'm planning on scoring some of these:
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