My number was up.

and I've gotten sick, though the doctor said he doesn't think it's the A-influenza because I haven't had a strong fever. I have the frog voice, the body weakness, the awful dizziness and the almost-nasty cough. Yeah, I feel like crap.

I'm most worried about the store, because I haven't been able to tend to her and organize all the new things that came in last week and take photos, etc. I'm so frustrated!

Anyways, I hope this doesn't take me down more than a couple of more days, because I don't think I could stand it.

Lots of people have left such beautiful get well messages on my facebook though! It feels so warm and fuzzy to be loved and worried about!!!!

Oh and because I'm forced to stay in a semi-languid lying down position because of the dizzy spells, I have had time to browse the new Lula website. The site is all mystery, grace and beauty, just like every issue of Lula. I would die to be in Lula. It's my ultimate dream.

EDIT: I just found a photo collage of the "Spell" spread both on Liebemarlene & Sally Jane. The photos are truly beautiful, and the movie on the site itself is so enthralling it made me want more.

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