Whatever Happened to Agathe Molvik?

"Blogger, that was what I was. I figured that if I were to get on with my life, I had to stop blogging, she says. I was never worried that the popularity would reverse. It grew and grew. But when everything was different, I used the opportunity to quit."

An article popped up in my googling of Agathe today, that seems to shed light on her now and the reasons she had for leaving the blogging world. You can read and see photos of Agathe now, she looks as beautiful, but with a haunting behind her eyes of someone who has gone through a certain toughness of heart. I loved her fashion blogging, and was as shocked as thousands of others when she suddenly dropped out of sight last year. I mostly miss her simplicity and style posts, but I guess that when you do it for such a short time and make it your life, blogging can really take a toll on you.
I hope she keeps herself sane living in the real world.

Blogger Queenie and the Dew has a very interesting, thoughtful reflection on Agathe's dropout from the fashion blogger world, titled:

Lessons from Agathe (aka how not to be a blog reader) 

I suggest you check it out.

PS: Agathe's Phiary is up again, after almost a year of not posting. Thoughtful, amazing photos. I wonder what adventures she's gone through this past year. The Phiary website is closed down, indefinitely.
Update (2013): For all of you Agathe lovers, she has a new website, dedicated to spirituality, called The Utopian.  It's a far cry from her fashion blogger days, but she seems happy, at peace, and shows clear knowledge of the topics she covers. Enjoy!

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