Yes, I love Barbarella. In all its cheesy, late 60's space-age-y rendition of our future. Jane Fonda is so overtly sexual and over the top in this film, you can actually connect this role to the fact that during this time there were not a lot of very sexy roles for aging actresses in Hollywood, and she broke this mold completely. Although this film was a flop when it opened, and Jane Fonda gave up starring in Bonnie and Clyde and Rosemary's Baby to film Barbarella, it has nevertheless become a cult classic, to extents that Duran Duran actually took their name from the film's villain Durand Durand. There are a lot of great artists in this film too, like Anita Pallenberg, Claude Dauphin and Marcel Marceau.

I actually dressed up as a cuasi-Barbarella when I was in college for a Halloween party, but nobody got my costume and thought I was a dominatrix. And various fantasies involving that gorgeous angel Pygar who turns on her and then saves her were entertained by me while in high school. That angel is super hot.

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