Winter Kate SS '10

Nicole Richie can do little wrong with me. Sure, she's been through tough times in her past; she's battled with the societal evils that pressure and celebrity bring (abusing prescription drugs, anorexia, driving on the wrong side of the freeway). Through it all, she's managed to turn her life around, become a loving, responsible mom to her two children and to have a seemingly charmed life since she started her relationship with Benji Madden, who seems like a level-headed, down to earth guy.

I fawned over Nicole when she introduced us to House of Harlow 1960, her first foray into fashion jewelry designing a few years back. It's been highly successful since and has given her room to expand into clothing design, which came to fruit with her new line called Winter Kate, available next year. The line is inspired by vintage design and uses vintage lace, chiffon & prints throughout the 40 pieces that are coming out in the premier launching, and the designs are very close to what Nicole's style is like: boho-chic, flowy, and comfortable. Clothing you want to live in.

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Fabi Pina said...

Me encanta todo!!
Yo tambien soy fan del estilo de la Nicole, I followed her pap pics like a mad stalker hace unos aƱos. =P

p.s. Angela, estoy tan impresionada con tu tienda. En fotos cada vez la veo mas grande y surtida de cosas tan bonitas!

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