The O is silent.

I have to admit, coming up with original names for stores is not an easy task. I could have gone down the easy road and chosen the obvious and named the store Angela's Closet, or Agnes Boutique, like so many stores here in PR are named. But I always wanted something that was different, something that would stick in people's minds and make them wonder "hmmm, what does it mean?". I thought that choosing Ouna for the name was different enough, I had considered it as a name for my future daughter once, and always thought it sounded pretty. And also it referenced my concept, unique, Ășnico, uno, una, Ouna. So that was not hard at all. It did worry me that the public would not understand what it meant, that in seeking out originality I would wander off too much into the obscure and lose the meaning. But since opening day people have asked me about the meaning, if it's my name, and they are happy with my explanation and like it. But yes, the O is silent. Una. Ouna.

In the end, it was a good choice, people get it and it does stick. Yay!

snazzy new profile pic!

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