Thursday Inspirations.

this photo of Mariely modeling one of Ouna's party dresses is always a favorite of mine :)

red lips.

apron tops.

I don't remember where I saw this photo, I just remember I loved the kiss. so romantic.

modcloth has some of the most amazing vintage ever. and at amazing prices. I can never get my hands on any, it sells way too fast. and then they leave the photos up to torture me incessantly.

lori & sable. I swear one of my Ouna girls looks just like Lori. she's gorgeous.

so much for making this a weekly thing. Hey, it's May already!!! I am so in love with all the florals coming into Ouna's lately. Florals make for such pretty prints, they should always be in style.
what I'm listening to as I post this:

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