And if one meltdown wasn't enough, here's part II

Just when I was starting to recover from my previous post's fashion meltdown, I then decided to go to Nasty Gal, one of my favorite stores for, like, ever. Ever since they were on ebay exclusively selling vintage. Her taste is perfectly balanced between rockstar and boho-chic. I love it. Anyway, they carry almost all of Jeffrey Campbell's insane shoe line, which I constantly obsess over, never actually having had the chance to get my size 8.5 paws inside any of his amazing shoes. I still cry on the inside over not having had the chance to buy those amazing harness shoes the Olsens rocked a few seasons ago.
Anyway, here's what internet bitch-slapped me when I entered:

ONLY $128!!!! If I'd KNOWN these were here before, I'd have asked for all my birthday gifts to be wrapped up in a Jeffrey Campbell box with a giant red bow and these wedges inside. OMG. More cochinito breaking is in order. I may go for broke, but if I end up under a tree with only these shoes and that finger ring to my name, I will be a happy gal.

what I'm listening to as I post this (I wanted to post the actual video, but stupid YouTube's disabled the embeding for it, oh well):

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