between paint swatches and funky weather....

Ok. this week Ouna's Closet is getting a fresh spankin' new paint job, and reorganizing all its decor before we leave for our shopping-leisure trip on friday evening. months ago when we booked our tickets I thought that leaving on the 1am redeye for MASS was an excellent idea. I still sort of think so. sort of.

this summer has been really strange, weather-wise. summers in Puerto Rico are usually so sunny, so humid, and so plain hot. last summer was one of the hottest and sunniest ever on record, so I thought that this one would be even hotter. I prepped by switching out my closet, getting tons of little tank tops, cotton dresses and shorts, and getting all my summer sandals in a row. and then Mother Nature decided to send us a huge curveball and all we have had this summer is constant rain, gray skies, trombas marinas, flooding in some areas, and thunder and lightning storms. Needless to say I have been incredibly grateful for the few days we HAVE had of sunlight and heat.

I think the best solution to this is a sun-dance. a real, public, sun-dance. to chase all the clouds away.

anyway, here are some sun inspirations I came across to lighten the gray mood today:

all images from flickr.

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