Etsy Shop of The Week (New Feature!)

I love Etsy. there are so many talented people there, it's really hard to find them all in between all the not-so-talented people who open up shops to sell kitschy bric-a-brac and all the made in china stores popping up lately. I wish Etsy would be more selective in the kind of shops they accept into their community, albeit the mighty dollar speaks in stronger tones. I decided to help you guys swim the collective sea of shops by featuring one of my favorites per week!

This week's post comprises two shops actually, run by the same swell gal. Cassie Stevens has been an art teacher in Nashville for the past 12 years. She balances her work with play by handmaking these amazingly whimsical ceramic belt buckles that look right out of an enchanted forest. Rabbits, squirrels, birds, apples, flowers. And for you classic girls there's round buckles and etched ones that look like antique mirror frames. I love the detailing done on the forms, and a giant plus is that the buckles are actually already mounted on belts made from vintage fabrics. Some of the belts are even reversible!!! She has tons of color combinations in her shop, and she also takes custom orders. What more could you ask for? Well, since you asked, this talented lady also has a vintage housewares shop called Vintage Domestic on Etsy too! She shows off her great eye for choosing vintage decor, and has tons of perfect little pieces that complete your room, family, kitchen, or if you need a different kind of gift for that friend that loves vintage. Most items are priced in the $7-$14 range, which is perfect for decorating on a budget!
My favorite items from both shops were:

isn't this belt the cutest?

this paperweight is one of those things that friends who come over will definitely ask you about.
I really like that this lady parlays both her loves into great shops, with a great selection and at fantastic prices. Go visit both!

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