Etsy Shop of the Week!!!

I've decided to feature two shops every week in this feature, a vintage shop and an indie design shop (like what Ouna's is :D) It'll also give more people a chance to participate!
This week's vintage shop is based in NYC's 13bees vintage. The first thing that caught my eye when I entered is how everything is catalogued by era, rather than by size. I personally think that this is a fantastic way of simplifying your search, rather than by size or color. The color palette is muted, tons of blues and whites and darker colors with pops of brights in between.

gorgeous dress from the 1950's.
The photography is equally simple, with a white background for the clothes and the accessories, but every photo is very detailed. They take full advantage of placing all five photos in each listing, which is great. I also love that the thumbnails for each listing feature a full view of the piece and a detail in the same shot. This makes things more interesting and pulls the viewer in, it makes me want to see more.

amazing 1900's lace blouse.
The descriptions are concise, precise, honest, and have all the measurements ready for you to compare to yours. I like this way of listing more than making up convoluted stories about everything that sometimes confuse and honestly, are quite boring. This shop has the look and feel of an elegant, well-curated vintage store, without breaking the bank. Most dresses are in the high-40's range, except for the gorgeous 50's dresses which are considerably more expensive, but considering the fantastic condition they're in, they're actually quite affordable.

beautiful 1970's necklace.
13bees is a great spot on Etsy for well-chosen, spectacular vintage pieces that fit in perfectly with our modern times. Visit them today!

When I was little girl in elementary school, every day after school was out my friends and I would run to a little van that would park in front of the school to sell a huge assortment of candies and sweets to us. It was run by a little old lady who kept the 5c gum in glass jars. I loved spending 85c on tons of caramels, lollipops and gummies to pass the time while waiting for my mom to pick me up. It was a sweet time indeed.
This week's indie shop is sweet as a button, quite literally. I wouldn't usually consider to buy food online, there's something about not being able to gauge the quality or freshness of the products completely that turns me off. Well, this shop is definitely an exception to my rule. Vintage Confections is a candy, caramels and marshmallows shop, and it instantly caught my eye when I stumbled upon it (which happens alot on etsy, their search engine is not too great to find the quality stores in between all the junky ones unless they're featured on the front page or on a gallery or article).

Their listing photos remind me of all those vintage malt shop photos I love (a lot of which I keep in my inspiration folder!) and make me imagine that such places still exist, which brings a smile to my face. Their specialty is hard candies and lollipops in traditional round and funky shapes like lobsters, cowboy boots, a variety of funky hands, skulls, letters, etc. I think they can practically make any shape you throw at them given the variety they already have! Likewise they have a huge assortment of flavors for the candies, which you can combine in some cases, as well as colors for your candies. I love this shop for its endearing nostalgia, and great selection of candy. Visit them today!

On a sidenote, we're leaving for NYC and Boston tonight!!! We'll be visiting family and shopping for the store. Can't wait! I take you all with me, and will post daily photos on the facebook page for Ouna's Closet of my finds and adventures. Yay!!

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