OBSESSING. Seriously.

I have just found two (four, to be exact) things to be seriously babosa over. Babosa, because I cannot begin to compose the giddiness and fluttering of heart I had when I saw these.

For starters, I mosied on over to Urban Outfitters online to check out my friend Erika Peña's featured jewelry in their new Studio section. I have known Erika for about two years now, and one fantastic thing I love about her is her tenacity and endless supply of inspiration for her jewelry designs. She's a total embodiment of what is modern chic bohemian, more than her style, it's her lifestyle. She lives between Bali, Spain, and the US, and recently moved her operations to PR and is opening her first store in Galería Suchville, three spots down from where Ouna's is!!!!!!!!!! I am just brimming with excitement about it. I could not be more proud of her and all her achievements. Erika's jewelry in the Studio of UO is fantastic.

I perused some of the other designers featured in Studio and found UO's selection to be cool. Chunky chain necklaces, raw designs, precious stones........and then I came across Calourette. OMG. OMG. OMG. This is Calourette's Studio front:

From the insanely talented mind of frenchgirl Marianne Rautureau, Calourette means "little bohemian". I could not believe my eyes, it was love at first sight. And after almost dying, I got all sorts of internet bitch-slapped with this:

and this:

and this:

Holy Crap. I may never recover from this fashion-induced heartattack. To add to my meltdown, that finger ring is just $100, which for indie designed jewelry is totally affordable. I am just going to have to break my cochinito to get it. OMG.

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