Our Monthly Evento de Alteraciones & Vintage Bazaar!

I posted last year about the lack of truly great bazaar areas and activities in Puerto Rico. you know, those indie spaces chock-full of creative minds and hands, all united in a common purpose of spreading their talent to the world and making a few dollars while you're at it (why not?). Well, last year La Pulga came along and broke those molds, and it was a great start. Marianela, one of the original creators, branched out from it and decided to start another bazaar concept called Organika Collective, composed of tons of indie designers, vintage sellers, and artistic people who make or sell jewelry, accessories, art, clothing, etc. made of recyclable materials. She created then The Peace Market, which since opening has been a hit, and is now a permanent fixture in Kamoli in calle Loíza in santurce almost every sunday.

I also decided to take the initiative with Ouna's Closet and started a monthly vintage bazaar in Viejo San Juan. I run the bazaar towards the end of every month with Francis, one of the loveliest people I have ever met, who is also a fantastic seamstress.

In her awesome apartment space in calle San José we bring in boxes and boxes of unaltered vintage pieces and offer them at rock-bottom prices, with the giant plus that Francis can alter anything and everything you could wish for to get them perfect for you right then and there! She also fixes up and alters any other stuff you have in your closet that would love to have changed, at great prices. We have tea, cookies, crackers and hummus for everybody that comes in. I love the atmosphere of fun giddiness that comes out of a bunch of women looking through boxes, the camraderie that forms between people who were total strangers two minutes ago ("do you want to try this?" "I think this is totally you!" are some of my favorite quotes that spring up over and over) and the gasps of excitement and joy from all when one of us comes out of the bathroom wearing a piece that is just awesomely perfect for her. The bazaar has been a great success since its birth a few months ago, with more people coming to see us every month! We have so many other ideas for future bazaars and other activities for this year, it feels nice to be able to give everybody a shot at having fantastic vintage at super wallet-friendly prices.

These photos are from our monthly Ouna's Closet Evento de Alteraciones and Vintage Bazaar in Viejo San Juan. Enjoy!

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