Saturday Inspirations Special: Lovely Guys n' Gals.

I love it when we get photos of our friends wearing their Ouna's Closet finds out and about. The way they style our pieces sometimes is totally opposite of what we were thinking for them at the time, and it totally works!!! It inspires me so much to see their different points of view when it comes to personal style.

Jaileen, shot with one of our skirts by Paola (fantastic photography, go check it out!)
Ninna, on the left, in France. OMG.

Neysha :D

Natalia, on the right, at a wedding a couple of months ago.

Laura Om, who daily inspires us with her entrepreneurship and inner spirit. Beautiful.

Yeidy. Nuff said :D

Yamel rockin' out her 50's compact.

Saxon (she got her prom dress at Ouna's Closet!!!)

Karla (her top is from one of the designers we featured last year, Solferino)

Jesus from one of the indie bands on the island called Tropiezo, in Costa Rica. Fantastic pants!!!

Javier is always about the details. Here he rocks his 80's denim bag and chunky pendant necklace from Ouna's.

Indira :D

Gabby loved this dress so much she wore it to a Christmas party the same day she bought it!

Gabriela giving us a back view of her 70's top.

Eli Joe from Da'Zoo rockin'out a vintage ESPRIT top for her music video TU!! You can see the video here

Cristy, her 80's green shorts match the sunny day!

Casandra, looking beautiful.

Belisa, on the left, wearing a beautiful 80's purple dress for her brother's graduation.


previouslyowned said...

love it!! <3 lo mejor es Jesus hahaha con los indiepants. lol

Angela said...

Jesus con esos pantalones es demasiado EPIC LOL
thanks for posting bella!

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