Francis and I had been talking for a couple of months about creating an event where budget-conscious fashionistas like us could meet, share stuff in their closets that didn't fit into their styles anymore and have a chance to swap said stuff for other fashionista's things, in a great space with cool music. Well, after much planning here it is, said event is our first ever Swap-a-torio this upcoming saturday september 25th. It's going to be in Acqua Restaurant in Old San Juan in la calle San José from 6 to 11pm. The restaurant´s bar and kitchen are going to be open, and you can get a fantastic glass of homemade sangría and munch on special appetizer plates they're gonna whip up for us for great prices :D

This first event is for WOMEN ONLY, all sizes and ages are invited to come and share their treasures and maybe find that new fantastic piece you'll be wearing everyday for the rest of the year!

Here are our Swap-a-torio rules:

Rules (super important, READ CAREFULLY):

*Bring your Eco-bags (prizes for those that bring your own) FULL of clothing, handbags and belts that are in good to excellent condition from your closet. Items must be clean and without rips or stains. New, vintage, labels, no labels, it doesn't matter. We'll check out everything you have and give you a ticket for the same number of pieces that you brought in to "shop" at the swap. There's no limit to how much you can bring, but check your stuff well because we will not put out stuff that's stained, torn or in bad condition.
*We'll be accepting your stuff in the back of Acqua from 6 to 8:30 pm and dividing it by category, so Acqua will have yummy appetizers and fresh sangría at the bar while you mingle, as well as cool tunes.
*At 9pm we'll open the area so you can come in, shop, peruse, try on, take pictures and choose from all the treasures other fashionistas like yourself have brought in. When you're done, you "pay" at the exit with your ticket and leave happy and home-free with your bags full of fantastic things that cost you next to NOTHING!
*Miss Francis will be available at the event with her alteration station ready to fix up anything that doesn't fit or you want to look different. Her prices are fantastically excellent and can't be beat!
*There will be additional "shop tickets" for sale if you don't have enough by category (clothing, bags and belts) for 75c each.
*Bring your friends, mom, grandmas, aunts, nieces, cousins, mother-in-law, frenemies and whomever else you wish. This first one is for LADIES ONLY! We want to make these events a permanent fixture in your life, so tell everyone you know to come and have a smashing time!

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