My favorite color is Rhett.

I used to be red-obsessed. I dyed my hair red, bright ruby red, when I was in college. it was a total departure from my dark-brown locks, an escape from myself. I liked it alot, though the upkeep of it was hell (how fitting). when my niece Elena started to learn her colors, she would put an H in between red, and pronounce the D like two t's. I found it hilarious that when I asked her what her favorite color was, she would always say "Rhett Titi". Her favorite color is pink now, which is fine with me, that's my favorite color too.

In honor of Princess Elena, some Rhett for you, in all imaginings of it.


Maria Isabel said...

I had a red phase too, but like you said, the upkeep was hell. I still love wearing my red shoes and my red coat just for kicks!

Angela said...

Oh yeah!!! I love red clothes, lips, and shoes. I currently have a pair of red ballerina flats that I am obsessed with hehehehehehe

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