On this New Year's Eve, I have to give thanks....

....for all the incredible blessings that this year has given us at our little store. Like the little engine that could, we have chugg-chugg-chugged our way up on this island to bring vintage back to the front of the pack, this time to stay forever on our island as a fashionable, stylish choice for everyone. We believe that anyone, ANYONE can wear vintage, it's not just for this group or that, or for the fashionistas or the glamanistas. All of you are glamanistas in our eyes, all of you are beautiful. That's why vintage is for everyone, forever.

Starting out on this road, not even my wildest dreams could have prepared me for all the fantastic, unique, lovely people I have met this year at Ouna's Closet. From the flamboyant gals who need no help in choosing the perfect piece to make them stand out, to the shy blossoming stylistas who with a little nudge in the right direction are opened to a whole new world of style. I have been blessed to dress from 5 year old to 80 year olds. Moms and their daughters, groups of friends, whole generations of women. I have also been so fortunate to dress some guys, my fantastic guys who have mostly also become my friends. I am so happy that this new year will bring more opportunity to dress you my men, for we are expanding our male clothing section, among other plans :D

This little spot with huge heart, we've shown everyone in Puerto Rico that vintage can be accessible, affordable, and most of all, totally wearable. There is so much more that we plan to do, to keep this movement growing and make it be as normal a choice for you as scrambled eggs and toast in the morning.

I also want to take this chance to thank from the bottom of my bottomless loving heart all the people who have taken the time and effort to use our pieces for their fashion shoots, shows, presentations and TV Spots. My stylists, photographers, actors, artists, musicians and all other artistic friends who more than anything, we love and adore. Thank you for all the fantastic beauty we have made together. We love you all infinitely.

Thank you so much for loving us. Thank you so much for trusting your style to us. Thank you so much for letting us dress you, and most of all, thank you so much for believing in us as we believe in you.
2011 is going to be an amazing year for Ouna's Closet. I cannot WAIT for it to start so we can unveil all the fantasticness we have behind our curtain.

Have a fantastic New Year and may all the blessings this universe has to offer shower themselves on you all.
From the bottom of my loving bottomless heart,
Angela and the Ouna Girls


Previously Owned said...

Your hard work has not only payed off, but it's truly inspiring. I love reading your positive tweets and facebook messages. Good to cheer me up, and make everyone's day a lot more breezy. Your attitude is really what makes things like this feel even better. Mucho apoyo! <3

Lots of love,

Fi@previously owned

Angela said...

Miss Fi!!! Thank you so much for your kind sweet words. I feel happy making other people happy :D

Thanks for your continuous support of my little shop and I look forward to making it better and more exciting in 2011. Good things are coming!

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