175th Post!

Waaaaaayyyy back when I started this blog, I originally wanted it to be about stuff that I liked, outfit posts, and stuff I wanted to buy but didn't have any money for. I was working a part-time job, finishing my studies in marketing at college, and making jewelry in my apartment which I sold at bazaars and some boutiques. I was happy and nurturing my dreams of having my own shop, of being my own boss and having an outlet for all the ideas and inspirations that came my way daily.

Well, fast forward 5 years, and I am in a place right now that makes me happy. Great job, great friends, great fiancée, and a life still full of possibilities. I have seen people around me change, others stay exactly the same (for better or for worse). I've seen the truth come out eventually and lived through some tough times. I've moved twice since I started the blog, and am looking at moving again this year. I'm also developing some awesome relationships (in and out of work). I have had the heartbreak and the triumph, dissappointment and the fantasticness. I am in a good place.

I didn't expect to turn this blog into one about my shop and the inspirations that drive me, yet it came out so naturally. I now see that this blog has become my personal "secret" ;) place where I can put all my hopes, aspirations and micromovements towards good things that I want to make happen. Oh, and stuff that obsessess me to no end, like pretty photos, pretty clothes and pretty vintage.

One thing I proposed to myself at the start of this year is to blog more. So far it's coming along nicely. And as we are on the topic of new year's proposals (because resolutions are made to be broken) here's my personal list of what I propose to accomplish this year:
-lose all the weight I plan to. (28 of 65lbs down)
-make my dream wedding a reality
-get better organized
-take more photos of my family and friends
-sleep more
-take more daytrips and getaways
-develop all the plans I have for the store this year
-grow my hair long

Well, I hope you all have a nice week and remember to always follow your dreams.

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