Nail Biting and Other Things...

photo credit via SMVBlog
There are soooo many things cooking right now at our shop. Collaborations, possibilities, new adventures, trips, etcetcetc.........and in my personal life, so many things are also cooking and coming together (moving.....again *sigh*, getting married, separating my work life from my lifelife, planning, etcetcetc). 2011 is gearing up to become one of the most important years of my life, if such a thing is possible, because I thought that 2 years ago was pretty important. nah, this one is. and with so many activity, movement, and planning, comes increased nervousness, jitters, and butterflies. I have the best hopes that everything will work out the way I am envisioning, for myself and for LeStore. Wish me success! and thanks for supporting me.

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