Spring Collection Inspirations.

I have been planning better this coming spring collection. Gathering inspiration here and there, making a mental inspiration board of sorts, squirreling away pieces that I think will be perfect this season and making a more cohesive grouping, rather than just bringing in random pieces that I like. The winter collection was all flash, draping, pizzazz and sequins. Very fabulous. For this collection I'm channeling the 70's ethereal, crochet, soft and woodsy colors, lace and cutouts. Like a chic sprite that goes on roadtrips every other day.


Maria Isabel said...

When can we see this fabulous collection?

Angela said...

Hey Maria Isabel!! the collection should be arriving by early march, just in time for spring. I am bringing some pre-spring goodies to the shop every week till then, and posting photos on the facebook fan page facebook.com/ounasclosetvintage
:D xoxo thanks for posting!!!

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