When did your love for vintage or want to open a vintage store begin and what advice could you give to others that want to possibly do the same in the future?

Hi! well, I always loved vintage things, I just didn't know it at the time. when I was a little girl I loved going through my great-grandmother's drawers at her house in santurce (the house still exists today) and wear her bracelets and rings. When I was in high school I would steal some of my older sister's 80's castoffs and rock them at parties. when I got to college I realized that all this love was called "vintage love" and started to read up on it and learn all I could about eras, designers, and styles. I always knew I wanted to have my own shop, and that I wanted it to have unique things and my own designs, so that came naturally to me.
As for advice, I always tell everyone that has a dream, follow it! Follow it, develop it, make it your own. Dreams are sometimes shared, it's in the personal stamp only you can give it that makes them unique. I planned Ouna's Closet for 6 years, and it only took me 2 of those to actually make it a reality. The rest of the time I studied, finished my college degree, searched, faced my own fears, wrote a business plan and made small micromovements towards making it real. I'm not saying you should do exactly the same thing I did, always do what makes you most happy, and if it turns into your job, what more happiness could you hope for than that? :D Angela

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