Follow-Up: "in the future, everybody will be famous for 15 minutes".

Andy Warhol is credited with being the original inventor of reality tv. back when the media of television was still a toddler, Andy recognized in television the insane ability it has to broadcast, entice, sell, and promote ideas, people, celebrity, and products to a completely captive audience. back when Mtv was cool, Andy Warhol designed a program that aired called "Andy Warhol's 15 minutes". making a direct mockery of his own catchquote that fame was only 15 minutes long, the show proposed to be "a half hour of nightlife, new bands, and hip people saying weird things". the interviews followed a stream of consciousness type of banter, with Andy most times just leaving the camera on for hours on end on his subjects to capture authenticity of character and personality. I find particularly interesting that the subjects he chose for interviewing or featuring were famous and budding artists, most were people who fame would come many years later after appearing on his show, like Courtney Love. He was not partial to anybody, he would construct his shows with the things and people he found interesting, hip, and different at the moment. I love that type of creative freedom, not tied to any network demands or advertising needs. I was too young when this show was on Mtv, but now seeing it online has made me want to see if I can find it on dvd to own.

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