"It's better not knowing anything."

I was very saddened to learn earlier tonight of the death of actress Maria Schneider, the star of "Last Tango in Paris" "The Passenger" and dozens of european movies. She was 54. For better and for worse, her role as Jeanne in "Last Tango in Paris" at the age of 19 with an aging Marlon Brando (he was a gorgeous 58 year old) skyrocketed her to fame, fortune, and a drastic falling from celebrity heaven that included drug abuse, attempted suicide, and a couple of overdoses that almost claimed her life. Through interviews of her I have seen through the decades after her first film, she never quite grasped the overwhelming impact she had on modern cinema. Her characterization of Jeanne is one of the most heartfelt, honest and from the soul performances I have ever seen. And she brought out in Brando one of his best performances of his career, perhaps because it also came from his soul. Last Tango in Paris is one of those movies that change your viewpoint on traditional human relationships and love forever. It also has one of the most amazing musical scores ever, thanks to Gato Barbieri's amazing title song. She was 58. Goodnight, Ms. Schneider.

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