Monday Limbspirations: Agathe.

Agathe from the defunct Style Bytes fashion blog is one of my top inspirations for blogging and just plain living. I was so sad when she took down her blog, following some personal drama with her then-photographer husband. Her story has become a thing of almost internet myth. She was the first fashion blogger to post full outfit photos with details. Her style, a mix of thrift, DIY and mostly H&M, set the bar for all the fashion blogs that have followed since. Now somebody else uses the spot to post small bits of fashion news, but never like her Her blog address has been lost forever, along with the archive of photos from 2006-2008. I managed to save some of the lovely photos she took for Style Bytes before losing the domain. I hope she's out there, living a good life.

I've always wondered what happened to Molvin, her cute piggie.

 UPDATE (2013): For all of you Agathe lovers, she has a new website, dedicated to spirituality, called The Utopian.  It's a far cry from her fashion blogger days, but she seems happy, at peace, and shows clear knowledge of the topics she covers. Enjoy!

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