Crazy for Turbans!

Daniela Droz rocking our black turban on her photo shoot (styled by Monica Palacios)

Our Turban Hats in El Nuevo Dia!!! (Puerto Rico's main newspaper)

Here at Ouna's Closet we are always trendcasting. One, it helps us with styling our vintage pieces in a contemporary, modern fashion that fits with today's aesthetic, and two, because seeing how modern trends all take inspiration from vintage fashion is so much fun. One of this year's biggest trends has been using turban hats as an easy way to spruce up any outfit. We are the only place on the island that sells turbans, and we are so happy to be able to keep all our girls fashion-forward and chic. The modern way to use turban hats is with your hair loose, and if you have bangs, to have them peek out from beneath the front of the hat, it's so flirty that way! For this Fall/Winter season, we will still be offering Turbans to our Fashionistas, in velvet jewel tones and muted fall colors like gray, brown, navy and purple.
Here are some inspiration photos, taken from our own Ouna Gals album on facebook:

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