A Garden of My Own.

My dear friend Francis (also our seamstress and Befriended handbag designer) and her beautiful daughter and boyfriend decided to do one of the things I've always had on my bucket list: an interior garden at their home in San Juan. She posted some photos and I instantly fell in love with all the little buds, the little picket fence, and the idyllic whimsy of having a garden in your backyard. Of course, Francis shot me down a couple of inches when she told me the story of how hard it had been to find the earth underneath all the cement in her backyard, how much her boyfriend toiled to get it all out and finally be able to find "the good earth" as she calls it, to organize the crops, separate the plant areas and then put the seeds in. I really admire them for creating urban agriculture, on an island like ours you'd think this was the norm. I hope many gather as much inspiration as I have and start their own gardens, it's hard work but the benefits of eating what you grow yourself as so good for your body and the environment.
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