TVILF. (new feature!)

Thank Vintage It's Links Friday! Every friday from now I'm posting 5 links to articles or posts that I love and/or that have information on vintage fashion for all of you. So excited about this!

This article
on the Etsy blog features alot of good information on the fabrics being produced today, and where your clothing ends up after it gets discarded.

The second article, also from the Etsy blog, details how clothing prices have reduced through the decades as outsourcing, cheaper labor, and fast fashion has taken hold of the clothing market.

Miss Liebemarlene is now Mrs. Liebemarlene!!! I was so happy to read that she got married a couple of weeks ago, and our third link sends you to her bachelorette party, which was so much fun!!!

I seriously love this blog. Always.

One of the first blogs that I got hooked on was this one. Miss Sally Jane is absolutely fantastic, and this post has my favorite trend for fall done perfectly: Fall Nautical.

Enjoy! Have a good weekend!!!

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