Where'd Paraphernalia Go?

I have been a fan of Paraphernalia's unusual necklaces since 2008. I had always wanted to buy one, being their beautiful jewelry perennially on my wishlist I never got around to getting any. Last year I finally got around to searching for them, but saw their website was down, their etsy had dissappeared, and after a simple search I found a couple of questionnable reports that Ms. Vanda had not made good on orders that people had made and paid for. Well, I scratched them off my list as one of the casualties of the internet (or real life, for that matter). At least I still had their Flickr Pool of happy customers flashing their goods to inspire and torture me at the same time. But always scratching my head as to what could have happened. I decided to see if they had sorted all their matters out and come back, and lo and behold! I found that they now have a Big Cartel Shop with a few of their classic, bestseller necklaces available.

I was excited, but at the same time cautious, because of the reports I'd read that Ms. Vanda, although very apologetic, had never made good on orders filled in through her now-defunct website. I hope she has been able to sort out all her matters, and can come back refreshed and full of new Paraphernalia designs, the line was always so cool and full of inspiration.

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