I'm now a guest blogger!

I was approached at our december swap event by Lilliam Nieves, one of the owners of a super cool website in Puerto Rico called Trance Líquido, to become a guest blogger for their site. I was so thrilled, yet scared, to be given this incredible opportunity to talk about everything else that goes on in my life that's not vintage shop-related (which is not much, but it counts). Also, it gave me the chance to flex my writing fingers, which had not explored writing anything fluidly for the past 10 years. Well, I sat down and wrote my first post, titled "Resolutions" and sent it in. Not hearing back from her for almost a week, I thought that it was terrible and they didn't like it. Little did I know, they loved it, and published it TODAY!!!! So, now I'm going to be musing and perusing over at my guest blog on Trance Líquido called She Walks in Beauty. I'm so excited! So in addition to reading about our puertorrican vintage shop here, you'll be able to read more of my explorations on this road called life over at Trance Líquido. Yay!

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