Jimi Hendrix: The Lost Photos.

Awhile ago I saw a Pawn Stars episode where photographer Ron Raffaelli took alot of unpublished photos of Jimi Hendrix to the shop for them to buy. There were some amazing tour photos, band photos and promotional photos he took in the years just before Jimi hit it big. I found a little insulting that the Pawn Stars guy only offered him a measly 15k for the photos, most of which had never been seen by anyone, but Ron looked a little pressed for money (at least that was how it was portrayed in the episode) so he took it. I'm glad the photos are now out there for everyone to enjoy, but kinda sad that he had to take them to a pawn shop to get something out of his art. If you want to know more about Ron Raffaelli's work and want to support it, click HERE.

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