Mi Mujer.

"Style is what you have to say and what you think. Anyone can wear an amazing designer’s outfit, but it doesn’t make you stylish. As an artist and as a woman, I feel duty-bound to say that. Style is about who you are and how you live your life."
I have loved Shirley Manson for, like, EVER. I remember the first time I saw her, it was as her "I'm only happy when it rains" video exploded onto my television screen and her sultry, hypnotic voice sang its' way directly into the center of my soul. Her music saved me more than once during the very tumultuous years of teenagedom. My lifelong dream has been to see her live, and drink in her awesomeness with Garbage. I am so happy that their new album arrives this year. This V Magazine spread for this month's issue just proves that at any age, this woman is timeless, an icon.

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