New Fábrica R3 has arrived!

One of the major goals for the shop when I opened was to have our own vintage renewal line. Inspired by SuperluckyCat, Urban Outfitters and Vintage City Classics, who churn out amazing pieces every season, I wanted to re-invent all that vintage surplus that just didn't quite work for selling as it was because of staining, sizing or simply because the shapes were not quite right. Francis and I made our first batch of 10 pieces close to two years ago, and it sold out within a week of it being put on the rack. Since then we have moved forward at a steady pace in Ouna's Closet with the line, turning out jackets, sweaters, tops, skirts and dresses. We produce the pieces by first doing a little research into what's trend, of the moment, and what styles we can use the surplus we have at the time to make into. Our renewal keeps as much of the original piece intact, but making it wearable in our modern aesthetic. The pricing of the pieces also is very affordable, with most separates running from $14 to $20 and dresses in the $38-$45 range. This year, I'm finally working jewelry into the line's offering, using all the broken vintage jewelry that we have stored and repurposing it into wearable art. I'm so excited!!!

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