Cottingley Fairies.

"It was a wet Saturday afternoon and we were just mooching about with our cameras and Elsie had nothing prepared. I saw these fairies building up in the grasses and just aimed the camera and took a photograph."
-Frances Griffiths

one of the best April Fool's hoaxes ever to be invented, it was pulled off by two cousins, Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths (16 & 10 years old, respectively), who lived in England in 1917. Using their cameras and paper cutouts of fairies, they made photoshop history in this amazing set of photographs that fooled even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, writer of the famous Sherlock Holmes mystery novels (and one of my favorite authors of all time). The authenticity of the photos would be disputed but not verified until the early 1980's, when both girls (now old ladies) came out and verified that, indeed, they had been faked. Still, it makes for an incredible story, and a beautiful and haunting photoset. Happy April Fools Day!
If you want to read more about the Cottingley Fairies, go HERE or HERE.

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