Sexism at its' finest.

In my many travels through the internet I came upon THIS article on shockblast that presented sexism in vintage ads. For my younger readers, sexism in advertising is, simply, using women or the woman's figure as a way to sell merchandise, but in a way that is demeaning or inferior to men, alluding to women's supposed lack of intelligence, wit, or that their only charm is their physique. I have always found fascinating the concept of how fast "sex sells", and not to go too deep into this subject, but it is somewhat true, although sad. I have also found that in advertising, when men are used in a sexist way, it is always presented as an "oh boy, poor boy" way, to kind of throw them the towel. Some of these ads are shocking, some of them are tame for this day and age. The truth is, all of them are real, they were run in magazines and catalogs of the 50's, 60's and 70's. Enjoy!

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