Lullie Vintage. Bonjour, Adieu.

Back in 2007/2008, when my own vintage store Ouna's Closet was just on paper, I was "friends" on myspace with Lullie Vintage. Run by Shae Acopian, she was one of the top vintage shops on ebay, selling more than 70 items a week at high bankable prices. The selection was rich, lush, like shopping in a fabulous world-travelled woman's wardrobe. Shae's story was fabulous as well: She started Lullie after interning at Zac Posen and traveling to europe to model, where she discovered she wanted to inspire designers and fashionistas alike by selling wonderfully curated vintage collections each week. Excellent photography, gorgeous models, and a well-trained eye for vintage inspired me continually week after week when she would post her galleries of new auctions.

Well, in 2009 Lullie closed on ebay, and Shae went off to explore photography and develop herself as an artist. It was a sad day for the online vintage world.

She would sometimes post on her blog about her photo shoots and adventures, but I have to say, I missed her selling vintage. A lot. So you can imagine my inmense joy when I received an email newsletter in april where she announced that she was back to selling vintage! Like a giddy fan who cheers on their favorite star's comeback, I went over the few photos I had saved from this blog post I had done on her way back when I started my blog. Lullie was back with us! I hoped to be able to peruse her listings, drool over her incredible vintage, and be continually more inspired now by her, more so because now I am also a vintage curator/seller.

Everything started out great! Great collection, great photos, the pricing was a little high on some, but overall, great! I wished her well and kept on busy at Ouna's Closet. Well, after a few weeks I saw she reduced the prices on her vintage. Ok, no biggie, we all do that from time to time. Two more weeks and she had reduced them again and double-listed all her pieces on etsy. Ok, cool, double listing works if you want to get it out there to a wider public. She had a facebook page and would write on it every couple of days or post a link to her favorite item......but no more promo! I saw a couple of blogs do "yay! welcome back!" posts, but......nada mas. And then, today, I got this:

You can imagine my shock.
I couldn't believe it! Two months in, and she was already closing. Stuff was incredibly underpriced to clear out. I snagged a couple of things for myself, can't say I didn't. But with a heavy heart.

Could things have been different? I thought to myself today "maybe if I had reached out to her, helped out somehow". I felt deflated, like when your favorite star's comeback bombs. I guess Britney Spears' fans felt this way after her 2008 MTV performance. Oh well. I do have to say: Selling vintage is way tougher these days than it was in 2008. SEO, Lightroom, Photoshop and the myriad of vintage shops out there have watered down what used to be a relatively easy market to make big bucks in a couple of years ago. Not to mention how difficult online selling is. It's not for the faint of heart. You have to give it more than 1 million percent to it, and it doesn't pay you first. I am sad to see Shae go, once again. I do wish her the most success on whatever she chooses to be inspired upon in the future.

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