Feria de Antiguedades Plaza Las Americas : Ouna's Closet 2012.

We participated in Plaza las Americas' annual Antiques Fair from september 10th to the 23rd. Our lovely booth was located in front of La Favorita shoe store, on the first floor of Plaza las Americas. I personally worked the booth everyday, from 9 to 9, and sundays from 11 to 7. Jose came to spot me in the afternoons after he got out of work. It was an incredible experience : I met dozens of people, met hundreds more and gave out thousands of business cards. All my faithful friends and fans came to see me at Plaza, and got some fabulous deals on vintage from our shop. I was so glad to meet alot of our former clients from our first store, who didn't know I had moved and thought the shop had closed. They were so happy to find Ouna's Closet again!

It's amazing how many people still don't understand what vintage means in Puerto Rico. The association with "old, dirty, used" was blatantly apparent from people's reactions and their questions. It felt awesome to educate and give out information about what I do and my concept. People were surprised at how young I was and was running a business that is all about "old things" and how much I knew about it. That gave me more confidence to keep going forward with my plan of making vintage "normal" in Puerto Rico. I also realized that Puerto Rico does not have any real recycling/reuse programs or culture of reuse at all. If I had a penny for the dozens of people who flat out said they threw out their vintage to the GARBAGE! It really shocked me to see how puertorricans would rather throw it away without a second thought. This gave me all sorts of ideas of how to help create new cultures of reuse here on the island.

All in all, the Antiques Fair in Plaza Las Americas was a huge success. I was happy to be there for the two weeks, but I was also happy when it was over and I could go back to my beautiful shop in Calico Court.

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