Pregunta: "En la historia del rock, se ha usado el “ella” o el “she” para hablar de cualquier cosa, desde la guerra a la cocaína, escondidas en una metáfora romántica. En tu caso, ¿cómo es?".
Respuesta: Lo uso como una especie de recurso realmente, es un espejo."


My Ouna Girls already know my deep-rooted love and pure obsession with Gustavo Cerati. I have had a playlist of his music playing non-stop at the shop, much to their chagrin and my bliss, since March. I miss him so much, his voice, his deep love for the discoveries of love. His music has spoken to me so deeply since he was part of Sodastereo; I remember in the summer of 1995 I first heard "Ella usó mi cabeza como un revólver" on "Alternative Nation" when LaMega 106.9 was still worth listening to. The lyrics, the song, his voice, blew me away completely and I remember crying my eyes out quietly in my room, for I didn't want my parents to hear. I was lonely, going through another heartbreak (oh, so many of those I had in high school) for a boy that didn't see me as more than just a friend. I felt like he was singing to my beat up, broken heart, mending it with his lyrics. My love for Gustavo was instant. I could not get enough. I had mixtapes of mish-mashes of Sodastereo songs that I played infinite times on my black walkman. His soothing voice reminded me so many times that there was more than what I was living at the moment. That there was more to life than this. I had photos of him I photocopied off magazines in the library taped over my green Trapper Keeper and Composition notebooks. Oh, Gustavo. I imagined him during chemistry class (ew) whisking me away from it all and singing songs to me, always to my heart, forever.
So you can imagine, dear reader, my world breaking when I learned he had fallen into a coma in 2010. It's not like I fell apart completely; I'd like to think I've grown up a bit since the incredible life dramas of high school. I was inmensely saddened. I felt like our world had been cheated out of another of its' most beautiful souls, because, to me, when you're in a coma, you hardly ever wake up. Well, he's been in that state for 2 years now, and all the doctors keep saying he is stable, but don't think he will be able to wake up, or if he does, he will be incredibly impaired.
So, now My Love, when you come into the shop and you catch me singing to the endless Cerati playlist, you understand why. It can be our secret, ok?

"desde que te amé, nunca se borró tu cicatriz en mi."

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