Halloween, The Vintage Way.

Dressing up for Halloween doesn't have to be about spending a huge chunk of change to look fabulous. With a little inventive, alot of style, and some help from us at Ouna's Closet, you can look your own fabulous best on the scariest night of the year! Here's some examples of fab girls rocking out with finds from Ouna's Closet at last weekend's parties. Enjoy!

custom made bunny ears from our shop, a sexy dress and a great smile make this girl the belle of the ball.
one of our vintage turbans made this gypsy costume ready for casting spells.
this vintage vamp got this vintage spider brooch and chiffon scarf to make her outfit hot to trot.
the darling Charleston Babe on the right rocked this custom head piece from Frolain (exclusively available at Ouna's Closet) at her 1920's costume party. 

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