Imelda's Shoes.

"They went into my closets looking for skeletons, but thank God, all they found were shoes, beautiful shoes."
Oh Imelda. I remember the first time I heard about this iconic lady's shoe collection, it was overhearing one of my mom's telephone conversations when I was a little girl; she was telling someone about Imelda's shocking disparage of shoes she'd left behind when she and President Marcos fled the Philippines following a civil revolt, and how could this woman have had so many designer shoes, over 3 thousand and how dare she! My mother was shocked about it.
I..........was fascinated.
As a little girl I had a giant Barbie doll collection I played with. These dolls had millions of shoes, and I would make displays of said shoes inside the Barbie house which would take over the entire bedroom, bathroom and kitchen of the Barbie house I had. My dolls were the original Carrie Bradshaws; they had boots, sneakers, heels, fuzzy slides, even rollerskate boots and ice skates. I was obsessed with getting the latest shoes, in all colors.
I was too young to know of why Imelda left all her amazing shoes behind; Philippine politics didn't really interest a 7 year old girl (well, not THIS 7 year old girl anyway). I had my Barbies, my Pinwheel, and my Pound Puppies. I was set.
Well, when I finally had enough sense to go exploring on the internet, my mind was flabbergasted to find out what Imelda Marcos' shoe collection was like:

AMAZING. How one lady could amass such a fortune in shoes. Supposedly one of the things that most angered the Philippine people when they led the revolt against President Marcos was his wife's opulent lifestyle; when many of them were in grave poverty and did not have even a dream of shoes, Imelda had enough shoes to possibly give a pair away to each one of her people, and she'd have some leftover for herself. In marked irony to this, her massive shoe collection was auctioned off as prizes, and even turned into a museum for people to go see them all together:


Sadly, my bucket list promise to go visit this museum will not be able to pass, for this museum fell into disrepair in the last two years, and Imelda's shoe collection fell victim to storms, rain and mold due to poor storage conditions.

More than half of her collection was irreparably damaged, although museum officials have stated that "around 760 Gucci, Dior, Chanel, Prada, and Ferregamo shoes still remain in pristine condition". There may be hope for that bucket list item of mine yet.

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