Happy New Year!

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The new year is finally here! On the last days of 2012, I had two premonitions that this is going to be a good year : the number 13 came up to me in two different conversations and was associated with luck and success. It leaves me very excited to face this new year with an open heart and mind!

I am a believer of creating your own way in this world : I believe that the energy that follows us and the energy we put out into the world attracts or rejects similar energies, affecting in the end everything that we go through, our goals and dreams.  My personal journey in 2012 was marked by alot of different energies passing through my path. A lot of different people came in and went out of my road, leaving their mark, their lessons and some of them even left their scars on my spirit.  Good and bad; darkness and light; 2012 was a very unique year for me. I have learned so much in the past 12 months, things that have changed me forever as a person.  My hope is to be able to share my knowledge and spiritual journey of this past year with all of you someday.  I can say that I am a stronger person today than I was yesterday, and feel getting stronger everyday. I have a strong support system of people that love me around me, I have become more wary of others and do not give out my trust as before. This is something that, to me, has been a hard thing to learn : I am given to trusting others too easily, and thus, have opened myself to a world of hurt in the past. I am also more keen on the word "no" and the power that using such a word can have on shaping my path for the better.

I am thankful for all the success that my shop has had this year : Through struggle, it has triumphed, and is on a path that leaves the possibilities open as never before. I have a plan for this year for Ouna's Closet; the coming months will determine whether this plan comes to fruition or if a different path is chosen.  I am open to anything, and that is a very exciting thing.

One thing I can safely say about this past year : I have learned to stand behind my word. One person's word is their bond, it speaks about integrity like nothing else can. Nothing gives me as much frustration as a lukewarm person. You know them : People who say one thing and do another, those people that tiptoe around life, full of excuses and gossip about others to hide their own small worth. I have successfully deleted most, if not all, of these people from my life in 2012, and the ones that I know will come by I am more keen to identify faster and delete with the same speed. If you say something, back it up with concise, direct action, and stay on the path to its' end, no matter how hard it gets along the way. My voice speaks in a hushed, but determined tone these days. This is a both a wonderful and sometimes frightening thing to those that thought they knew me. I have shed my past illusions and some of my hangups, and look to the future with bright eyes and a warm heart.

Well, I with happiness, success, and much love for all of you this year. Make choices for yourself first, never for someone else.  Love openly, fully, and with your entire being.  Have the courage to say no, to walk away. You are not less of a person for loving yourself first. 
with love, Angela

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