We're on Instagram!

Dear Closet Lovers,
I hadn't been able to do much with instagram as an app, because my former blackberry phone didn't support the application at all. Now that I have a snazzy new phone that DOES, I'm so excited to post photos everyday of all the lovely happenings and new items arriving at the shop daily. Our instagram is super cute right now. I also post some photos of my daily life. Follow us! @ounascloset and never miss out on all the goodies.



Laura Cristina Pita said...

Hey!! i nominated your blog for a "Liebster Award"!! :D To see the instructions to accept the award check out my blog at: theinspirationsparks.blogspot.com

test said...

¡Hola! Me fascina tu blog. Acabo de comenzar un blog sobre estilos de vida de una joven empresaria y/o estudiante. Me encantarĂ­a que pudieras mirarlo... Gracias! Ela <3


Ouna's Closet said...

Gracias Ela! Estaré chequeando tu blog pronto, estoy haciendo un listado de blogs en Puerto Rico. xoxo

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