Closet Lovers Update! (June 2013)

Dear Closet Lovers:

I have been blog - M.I.A. for the past few months. I know. I apologize. Reading my last post, where we said that our vintage shop in Puerto Rico was finally on Instagram, I realized that I do need to make more of an effort to be a better puertorican blogger. Especially when it comes to the fact that there are so many of you that actually read my blog! I feel responsible for spreading vintage love in our beautiful Caribbean island, to teach future vintage lovers how to find, care, shop and appreciate vintage.  So, my new year's resolution for my birthday month is to blog more about relevant vintage topics and update this blog weekly for all of you.

I have so many lovely things to tell all of you about Ouna's Closet! It feels like so much time has passed since our 4 year anniversary in march (we have been here for 4 years already!!!), yet it's only been 3 months. Our Calico Court, guaynabo shop did get a makeover in April, we moved jewelry cases about, got the clothing collections organized by theme, and have been continuously adding decorations and making the space so much prettier everyday. The antique and bridal vintage room (endearingly called our VIP Vintage room) was finally finished last week and is open for shopping (mostly ooh-ing and aah-ing). I am happy that we have thematic vintage collections now : Summer florals (dresses and rompers), Work/Play (dresses that can take you from day to night), Vintage Bride, Cocktails & Dreams (formal wear), and Vintage Essentials (basic separates for everyday). I still have a lot of ideas for new collections for the coming months!

We also have expanded our social media presence with the inclusion of instagram and Vine accounts into our already existing web of Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest (@ounascloset) regular posting. So many websites! So hard to keep all of them straight sometimes, but we do our best to keep you updated of our comings and goings at Ouna's Closet. Feel free to join us in any of our social platforms and like, comment and share our posts. We will love you and follow you in return!

There are a lot of new and exciting things cooking in our vintage pot, as soon as they are ready, I will make sure to tell all of you. The rest of this year is shaping up to be super exciting for Ouna's Closet. I am so happy to walk this path with all of you beside me. Thank you again for making my shop part of your life. I am super grateful for all the love and acceptance that you have given to Ouna's Closet. Seguimos adelante!


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